Chess Club Ladder Rules

The following are the rules for the McGill University Chess Ladder. These rules will be effective this week and end at the end of this year. The rules are as follows:

1. New players can join the ladder at any time. They start at the bottom of the ladder.

2. Ladder games will only be played during club hours (this may change in the future).

3. Players must accept all valid challenges. However, a player may decline a challenge if they already played a ladder game against the challenger this week.

4. You can challenge any player within [round up(# of participants in ladder / 5)] ranks of your current rank (Example: 13 participants in the ladder, you are #8, then you can challenge #7, #6 or #5)

5. The challenger chooses whether to play black or white and also selects the time control between 10, 15 or 20 min

6. If the challenger wins, the players switch places on the ladder. Otherwise, nothing happens. WRITE TODAY’S DATE ON THE BACK OF YOUR NAMEPLATE AFTER EVERY LADDER GAME. This is for keeping track of who is active and who is not.

7. If a player does not play a ladder game over a period of more than two weeks, starting at the third week they will move down [round up(# of participants in ladder / 5)] ranks for each subsequent week of inactivity. If they are already at the bottom of the ladder, their name will be removed. The player can later rejoin the ladder in the future as a new player if he/she chooses.

Tournament Results!

Our tournament last Saturday attracted 27 players of various levels, and went smoothly thanks to our referree Shao Hang He! Kenny Ah-Lan (expert) finished first with a perfect score of 5/5. He was followed by three players with 4/5: Sankalp Modwal (National Master), Adam Li, and Mostafa Zamanian. Sankalp won the tie-breaks to finish in second place. Our current female champion, Sonja Xiong, took fifth place with 3.5/5. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all of you who competed! We hope you enjoyed the experience and will be interested in participating in future events. If you have any feedback, please send us an email, we would be happy to hear from you!


As a present from the FQE (Fédération Québécoise des Échecs), the McGill Chess Tournament hosted tomorrow will be FQE semi-rapid rated! Since this is graciously offered by the FQE, there will be no extra charge. Memberships to the FQE will be sold at the tournament. If you wish to play and have not yet pre-registered, le me know ASAP because spots are filling up! Cheap pizza and soft drinks will be available!

If you have a rating (from anywhere), please let us know, it will help us with the organization.

Those of you who have pre-registered will receive a special email later today with a few additional details.

-the tournament will start around 9.30am (first round starts at 10.00am sharp)
-the trophies will be given out around 4.00pm.
-5$ to register at the door
-5 rounds with 20 minutes/player
-in Trottier Cafeteria (same place as our weekly meetings)
-Results will be taken into consideration when the McGill Chess Team is formed (unlike what some people seem to have understood, this does not mean that the top-four finishers will automatically be on the team. It will be a factor in the decision process.)
-FQE semi-rapid rated!
-cheap pizza and soft drinks!

Looking forward to playing some of you tomorrow!

Announcing our Fall 2012 Executive Committee

Our elections have finally closed for our Fall 2012 Committee and all of our positions have been filled. Our executive team is composed of the following members:

President: Benjamin Suire

VP Communications: David Zhou

VP External: Shao Hang He, Felix Dumont

VP Internal: Frederic Reynaud

VP Finance: Egor Gagin, Siddharth Mishra

VP Marketing: Marguerite Yang

VP Events: Keith MacKinnon

Webmaster: Shao Hang He

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a part of our team! We hope to make this our most successful year yet!

Welcome to the New McGill Chess Club Website!

Welcome to the new McGill Chess Club Website! The McGill Chess Club is dedicated to bringing the great game of chess to McGill University, and the surrounding community. Our members range from competitive chess players to beginners, so whether you’re looking for a great match or to learn how to play the game we’re the people to see! We will be holding our weekly meetings for the Fall 2011 semester every Wednesday from 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM at the Trottier Engineering building cafeteria (see map to the right). The cafeteria itself is located on the first floor of the building. Be sure to keep checking this website as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for news and upcoming events. We hope to make this our best year yet so be sure to come and down to our meetings and enjoy the great game of chess!