Co-President Indy Ma's letter

Letter from Co-President Indy Ma

Hey guys!

Another year, another letter from the incoming president of the McGill Students’ Chess Club! As a matter a fact, this year, the chess club will be having two co-presidents. We are excited for the year to come and are looking forward to continuously improving it. First of all, we hope you guys all had a wonderful and productive summer! For all the new students here, welcome to McGill! We hope you enjoy the next couple of years in the vibrant city of Montreal. For returning students, welcome back and we hope you didn’t miss McGill too much during the summer!

We would like to thank everyone who came by Activities Night and hope you enjoyed playing against one of our execs! Similarly to the previous years, we will be holding weekly meetings at the Trottier Cafeteria from 5:30 – 7:30 pm on Thursdays. As a matter of fact, our first meeting will be Thursday, September 21st. We provide chess sets and clocks so you only need to bring yourself, your love for chess and a smile! Don’t know any friends interested in playing with you? Don’t worry, you will definitely find an opponent (worthy to play against you) of similar strength to play against at our meetings. Furthermore, our much anticipated Gerts Night will take place on Tuesday, September 26th! Mark the date, as it will be an evening full of chess and beer! We’ll keep you updated of all upcoming events through our mail list so make sure you are subscribed. Be prepared for blitz tournaments, the Canadian Universities Chess Championship (CUCC), the McGill Open and MORE Gerts Nights!

Keeping our letter short and sweet, we would like to end by wishing you an incredible year. We hope to see you around at the Trottier Cafeteria!


Indy Ma
McGill Students’ Chess Club

Applications for next year open!

Another year in the books. From fundraisers with the McGill Red Cross, to record breaking samosa sales, to inaugural events such as Wine and Chess and the upcoming McGill Open Rapid, this year has seen it all. Of course, none of these feats would be possible without a well structured Executive Council, which I had a pleasure leading. Now, it is time for Applications for next year! Click here for the form once you’ve understood each position. Applications are due Wed, April 12, at 2PM. Good luck![thumbnail link=”” target=”_self” alt=”Houji Yao” src=”×158.png”]


Open positions

Currently, the following positions are open. Of course, we reserve the right to add/remove openings.


According to our constitution, the co-President shall:

  • Be the chief executive officer, chief representative, and chief spokesperson of the Club.
  • Oversee all aspects of the club.
  • Be the main point of contact between the SSMU VP Student Life and the club
  • Ensure the smooth running of the Club as a whole through facilitation of, and mediation with, the various EC portfolios with a vision that is consistent with the Club mandate.
  • Chair all EC meetings.
  • Cast the deciding vote in the event of a EC deadlock
  • Co-sign all financial transactions with the VP Finance.
  • Ensure that the Club is abiding by the Constitution, By-laws and Policies of the Students’ Society of McGill University

In addition, the Co-President should ensure that all the other execs are following their mandates, and be prepared to help with their duties from time to time.

VP Finance

The VP Finance shall:

  • Oversee and coordinate funding for the activities and events of the club.
  • Co-sign all financial transactions with the President.
  • Ensure the funding and financial stability of the club.
  • Keep track of all financial transactions and receipts in order to prepare the biyearly audits for the SSMU.

VP External

The VP External shall

  • Act as representative of the Club to the community within and outside of the University.
  • Be responsible for developing healthy relations with student and community organizations within and outside McGill University, and particularly those in the Montreal area.
  • Be responsible for promoting the image of the Club to the community within and outside McGill University.

VP Communications:

The VP Communications shall

  • Be responsible for communication within the EC and general members of the Club.
  • Be responsible for checking for and replying to important emails
  • Maintain an email list for the Club
  • Maintain communication between the Club and the general Public through social media


The secretary shall

  • Oversee the smooth running of an EC Meeting
  • Record minutes for an EC meeting
  • Give reminders to members of the EC for important events

SSMU Representative

The SSMU Representative shall:

  • Be responsible for communication within the EC and with the Students’ Society of McGill University
  • Be responsible for bookings made with the Students’ Society of McGill University
  • Keep up to date with the SSMU meetings
  • Report to the SSMU at least once per semester


The Webmaster shall:

  • Manage the Club website
  • Post updates regularly
  • Moderates comments on the posts.

Photo by Phi-Khanh Hoang

SSMU Council

New Chess Club Constitution!

[panel style=”panel-success”]
Dear all,
I am pleased to announce that our Constitution, submitted to the Students’ Society of McGill University on Oct. 6 2016 has been ratified by the Council on March 22, 2017. Much of the delay was because of the numerous back and forth emails between myself and the Club Commissioner regarding specific wording as well as the pertinence of several Executive positions outlined in the proposed constitution. Moving on, I believe that the new constitution will make clear the goals and structure of the McGill Students’ Chess Club.
The modification of the constitution was necessary, as the last version was dated from 2014. While the mandate remain untouched, several clauses were revamped, including a restructuring of the Executive Council into Orders, which subsequently contain Portfolios, which represent the appointed positions in question. As a result, we have added Section 5, making the total section count to 14. As well, the new constitution offers specific mandates for positions such as VP Communications, Photographer and SSMU Representative.

As a reminder, here is our club mandate, which was untouched through this modification.

  • Promote the game of chess at McGill University by appropriate means including but not limited to holding regular meetings, organizing chess tournaments, and allowing members to participate in collegial chess tournaments.
  • Field a competitive team to attend the annual Canadian University Chess Championship.
  • Provide chess-related recreational activities for the McGill community.
  • Provide a comfortable and casual medium where people can relax and socialize by playing chess.
  • Plan and organize chess-related events on and off campus.

Click here for the full constitution. I have also updated the “Constitution” tab under “Governance” in our menu.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email

Best regards,



Meeting Minutes November 1st 2016

Meeting #3 happened on Tuesday November 1st.
Quorum was met with 6/11 members of the council attending.


  • Report on Club affairs since meeting #2
  • Plan for remainder of semester
  • CUCC
  • Photoshoot

Secretary Lo was absent, so minutes were written by VP Internal Indy Ma.


The Photograph was taken by Phi-Khanh Hoang, our designated Photographer. Used with permission. Please check out her Facebook Page Phi-Khanh – Photography 🙂

For inquiries, please email