Meeting minutes September 1st 2016

Chess Club 2016-2017 kicked off a day earlier with an Executive Meeting on September 1.
Quorum was met with 5/9 executives attending.
Seven participants total.

  1. Constitution
  2. Activities Night
  3. Weekly Meetings
  4. Budget
  5. Photo


The Photograph was taken by Phi-Khanh Hoang, our designated Photographer. Used with permission. Please check out her Facebook Page Phi-Khanh – Photography 🙂

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Mcgill Open

PrĂ©-inscrits – McGill Open 2017 – Pre-registered

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47 préinscrits pour le moment. 47 preregistered.

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Section A

Nom Prénom Titre
Zhou Qiyu GMf
Duong Than Nha MI
Hambleton Aman MI
Ouellet MaĂŻli-Jade MIf
Chiku-Ratté Olivier-Kenta MF
Rodrigue-Lemieux Shawn MF
Grégoire Sylvain MF
Zhu Hong Rui MF
Gachet SĂ©bastien MF
Soudre Nicolas NM
Tomb Maroun NM
Upper John NM
Lo Ryan NM
Sprumont Oscar
Gelet Seymour
Dumont FĂ©lix
LĂ©pine Cedric
Luo Zhao Yang
Kapush Oleksandr
Yao Houji
Saha Ananda
Allard Laurent

Section B -1800

Nom Prénom
Normandin Fabrice
Sui Yu Shun
Liu Kevin
Gaulin Richard
Kozlov Guennadi
Vakilinia Shahin
Abdukerim Nurmemet
Charette Nicolas
Shi Olivia
Chaudhari Prabhas
Kim Wooseok
Gupta Archit
Kay Sang Kil
Lin Chenxi
Tesar Mathias
Templonuevo Mark Geryl
Paillé Jordan
Alomair Mashael
Rodrigues Bruno
Latour Pierre-JĂ©rĂ´me
Smith Neilan
Blanchette René
Kyres Andrew
Mhedhbi Yassine
Laali Majid
Perez Phil
Xu Kun Xiang

Last updated : 27/4/2017 If there is any issue with your registration, contact

Dernière mise à jour : 27 avril. Pour tout problème avec votre inscription, contacter

Some information is missing but all names for which we received registration and/or payment should be on this list.