Our Champion WGM Zhou. By Phi-Khanh Photography

McGill Rapid 2017 Post-Mortem

Dear all,

Ah, another McGill Open in the books. As I look back on this event, I am especially appreciative of your continued and unwavering support. There have been difficult times at the club, and as a result, we weren’t able to host a classical McGill Open. However, the turnout of 83 people really expressed your confidence in the McGill event as well your enthusiasm for chess, both aspects that will help this summer event survive moving on.

As well as the players, I would also like to thank my team for its full support and efforts to make sure that we do the best we can. The Organization, which I can proudly claim to be a part of, was superb, from the Photograher (Phi-Khanh Hoang, whom these pictures are attributed to), to the Tournament Director, to our Arbiter in Chief. Of course, I thank our sponsor, the Students’ Society of McGill University for its contribution to our expanded prize fund.

Students' Society of McGill University

Originally, we planned $1000 as the prize fund, but we were able to expand it to $1130 due to registrations in the B section. Accordingly, the B section benefitted from an increase of $105, while the A increased by $25. Congratulations to all our prizewinners.

Both sections were extremely competitive, with the Open section having 14 titled players, consisting of half the section, and an Under 1800 section that contained 55(!) players, many of whom are playing their first ever tourney.

Looking forward, I am very optimistic about the successes of our future events. Again, I thank you for your continued support, without which a McGill summer event would not have been possible over these past few years. As co-presidents next year, Indy and I look forward to hosting you again next year!

More about standings and prize distribution below.

Best regards,

Houji Yao

Houji Yao


McGill Students’ Chess Club 2016-2017

Research Follow Alessandro Ricottone By Phi-Khanh Hoang
Research Follow Allessandro Ricottone By Phi-Khanh Hoang


The prize winners are as follows:

If you have won a prize, please email houji.yao@mail.mcgill.ca ASAP with your address, to prevent delay of receipt of your cheque.

Click here for standings

Youth vs. Experience
Youth vs experience. By Phi-Khanh Hoang

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